P: To His open heart the Savior invites all mankind to draw water with joy from the spring of Salvation. Let us with faith make our prayers known before the throne of God.


P: O Lord we pray for the Holy Catholic Church throughout the world.

All: Grant her peace and unity together with Francis our Pope and David our Bishop.



P: Grant to your people the spirit of Truth.

All: Make your Church firm in the faith once delivered to the Apostles.



P: Guide our nation and our leaders in the way of peace and justice.

All: Grant grace to all peoples that they may find salvation in Christ.



P: For the poor and hungry and all with true faith, who look to the Lord in their need.

All: Grant us grace to minister to them in Your name.



P: We pray Father for our Armed Forces both at home and abroad, and all police, fire and emergency workers.

All: Shield them in Your love and protect them in Your mercy.



P: Look with compassion on all who are sick and suffering in body, mind or spirit.

All: May they know the healing touch of Your love.



P: We bless Your Holy Name for all who have left this world.

All: May they rest in peace.


P: Lord Jesus, we do not know how to pray as we ought, but Your Holy Spirit intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words. Hear our prayer, You who live and reign with the father and the Holy Spirit. AMEN