Saturday July 20th/Sunday July 21st, 2019

5:00pm Fr. Dan/A. Alex, A. Alex & S. Wickham

6:30pm Fr. Dan

7:30am Fr. Michael

9:00am Fr. Dan

10:30am Fr. Dan/ A. Gibilisco, A. Gibilisco & A. Lewandowski

12:00noon Fr. Dan

Saturday July 27th/Sunday July 28th, 2019

5:00pm Fr. Dan/A. Gibilisco, A. Gibilisco, A. Gibilisco

6:30pm Fr. Michael

7:30am Fr. Dan

9:00am Fr. Dan

10:30am Fr. Mat/A. Lewandowski, P. Edinger; L. Lusquinos

12:00noon Mat

We are always in need of Altar Servers. See Fr. Dan for more information.

If you are unable to serve your assigned Mass try to get a replacement and notify the parish office of your replacement.