Monday, March 19th St. Joseph

8:00am Michael & Grace Petrotto by Lisa & Chris

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament all day.

12:00noon Maria & Joseph DeLuca

7:00pm Mark Francis Murphy by MaryAnn Barbella



Tuesday, March 20th

8:00am Joseph Hemhauser (bthdy) Brian & Flo Hemhauser



Wednesday, March 21st

8:00am Liv. Int. Frances Caruso by Travers Family

7:00pm Harry Thurlow by Marge & Stan

7:45pm Bible Study



Thursday, March 22nd

8:00am Dixon, Diebold & Morse Families by Harold Oches



Friday, March 23rd St. Turibus

8:00am Jerry Byriter by Goss Family

12:00noon Liv. Int. Briana Traver (bthdy) by Parents

7:00pm Liv. Int. Angela Gibilisco by Mom & Dad



Saturday, March 24th Blessed Oscar Romero/ BVM

8:00am MaryAnn Takacs by Bob & Doreen




5:00pm Minnie & John Kant, Sr. by Kant Family

6:30pm Rose Foy by Foy Children,

Pat Gamache by Debbie & Matt Edelman,

George Kabash by Callahan Family,

Msgr. Patrick O’Toole by MaryAnn Barbella,

Tony Watterson (anniv.) by Mom & Dad,

Liam Christopher Edworthy by Grandma & Grandpa.



Sunday, March 25th PALM SUNDAY

7:30am Bernard Terhune, Sr. (anniv.) by Mildred & Family

9:00am Pro Populo

10:30am Charles Lisa by Son, Dgtr. In Law & Grandson

12:00noon Dorothy & Jack Rosenberg by Children




*** Something we have not seen in this parish, empty Mass Intentions. The Mass is a Sacrifice of infinite value for our intentions, especially when offered for the Souls of the Faithful departed. To arrange for a Mass Intention call the Rectory