Monday, April 17th

   8:00am Joseph Striedl by Family

   Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament all day.

   12:00noon Liv. Int. Agnes Vanecek by Friend

   7:00pm Jesse Walton by Aunt Kathy, Uncle Jerry, Jackie & Tommy



Tuesday, April 18th

   8:00am Walter M. Pyciak by Murison Family



Wednesday, April 19th

   8:00am Sonny Viera by John & Joyce Kaiser

   7:00pm David Gilligan by son, John / St. Joseph Novena



Thursday, April 20th

   8:00am Marilyn & Gerard Lowder by Lowder Family

Friday, April 21st

   8:00am Margaret Castro by Harold Oches

   12:00noon L. James Ouellette by John & Carole Deignan



Saturday, April 22nd BVM

   8:00am Liv. Int. Fr. Dan Hesko (bthdy) by Alyce Reagan



Octave Day of Easter (Divine Mercy)                            

5:00pm      Peggy Fiore (bthdy & anniv.) by Dgtrs & Families

6:30pm     John J. Oswald by Family

                 Anthony Capella by Powers Family

                 Eric Rasmussen by Barbara & Jerry

                 Robert Maxwell (1st anni.) by Wife & Family

                 Frances Rinn (anniv) by Rinn-Swalwell

                 Eric Peterson by Wife, Phyliss


Sunday, April 23rd

   7:30am Pro Populo

   9:00am Fr. Anthony Dandry

   10:30am John Gamache by Wife & Family

   12:00noon Doris Miller by Marianne & Sallee